Welcome to Life with Zachary, a blog and site all about, well, our life with our son Zachary.  We have approached parenthood like we approach the other things in our life – with a plan.  As we shared lessons we had learned along the way, random musings, and milestones with friends and family, they all kept saying the same thing – “you have to write this down and share it with other people.”  So, that’s how this site was born.  We have focused our posts on our personal experiences and what has worked for us – and what we hope will work for others – rather than specific directives on how things must be.  We truly hope you find things to be helpful and we love hearing from you!

Here’s the lay of the land:

  • Life As A Baby – Everyday smiles and milestones from Zachary’s first 12 months; his eating and sleeping schedules/routines; holiday celebrations; artwork from daycare/preschool; and a month by month photo library of his first 12 months. Wondering how to get a baby to sleep through the night at 6 weeks?  Or, how to transition to solid food?  Or, how did he do when he first took a photo with Santa?  Find all that and more in this section.
  • Life As A Dad – Under construction/coming soon!
  • Life As A Mom – Thoughts and stories from Angela about her pregnancy, delivery, her transition to motherhood and being a working mom.  In this section you will discover all the things there are to do to be prepared for baby’s arrival, like picking a pediatrician, registering for baby showers, and finding maternity clothes that are flattering – to the labor & delivery experience, going through the emotional roller coaster of learning to breastfeed – to random musings on life as a mom.
  • Life As A Toddler – Our newest section – Zachary’s experiences and milestones from 12 months to present day, how he is adjusting from babyhood to toddlerhood.
  • Our Travels – Travel has always been part of our relationship and it was important that didn’t change when we had Zachary.  We embarked on domestic and overseas travel when Zachary was a baby and in this section you will uncover our detailed travelogs about our destinations (like Keukenhoff, Holland; Arles, France; Luxembourg City; and Monaco) to reflections and advice about how to travel with a baby successfully (how to pack lightly, how to adjust baby seamlessly to a new time zone, how to fly successfully with a baby, how to find apartments instead of hotels, etc.).
  • Reviews and Resources – Our top picks for baby gear, tech gear, and more.

Another easy way to read posts is via the tag cloud on the right, from which you can click to a key category based on interest (sort of like the index at the back of a book).  Also on the right are some other pages, listing of most recent posts, and the ability to subscribe to hear about new posts from us via email.

Thanks for coming –  We hope you enjoy your visit!

~ Jody & Angela