Going Dutch – ‘Eten en Drinken’ in the Netherlands


We discovered that food in the Netherlands is basically everyone else’s food all available in one place.  Here we have had Schwarma , Flemish fries, and even Tex Mex fajitas and have seen many pizza and burger places.
Actual Dutch food includes:
Verkade Biscuits
Here is Zachary trying a Verkade biscuit, this one was similar to a graham cracker but they make several varieties.
Waffles in the Netherlands are not close to the Belgian variety.  Instead, the are small, a bit crispy, and cooked with syrup inside of them, and then served as a street food and also in vending machines.
The Dutch seem to love pancakes; there are pancake restaurants on every corner in every town.  We never had the sweet variety, but we did have a savory version one evening, which was basically a large crepe.  Mine was cheese, onion, and tomato, while the photo of Jody’s shows his ham and cheese pancake:
These were my favorite Dutch treat.  Tiny little pancakes cooked in cast iron muffin tin looking pans, served warm as street food with butter and powered sugar.
Sandwiches are simple yet delicious, full of local Gouda, nuts, lettuce, etc.
Every cafe we stopped in for Zachary’s bottle breaks had a house mint tea.  These were yummy and very simple – just hot water poured over a glass crammed full of mint leaves, served with honey.  Of course, there is also the obligatory Amstel and Heineken beers, of which Jody reported Amstel to be the winner.


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