Camera Problems

Every parent needs a really good camera to catch those once in a lifetime moments. After Zachary’s birth we found that our old camera wasn’t up for the challenge.  After owning SLRs and simple point-and-shoot pocket cameras,  we opted to buy a travel zoom camera due to the ease of use and small form factor.  The Sony DSC-HX20V is an 18.2 mega pixel machine with a 20x optical zoom, full HD movie recording, Sony’s “Superior Intelligent Auto”, background defocus ability, panorama support and good manual exposure access.  I have been truly impressed with a camera that easily fits in a diaper bag or a cargo pant pocket.
Unfortunately, something happened to our camera when we were visiting Amsterdam.  Nothing physically happened to the camera (no dropping, shaking, shocking, or even Zachary teething on it).  However, black spots began appearing on the camera display AND on any pictures taken. The spots consistently appear in the same location, and are more noticeable when zooming.
After cleaning the camera lens with no apparent improvement I could only assume the problem was with the sensor. Since the camera is still under warranty I called Sony support and was told that I would have to mail them the camera and they would return it in two weeks!  That was certainly unacceptable as we had over two weeks left abroad and I refuse to go without a camera.
We ended up buying a Sony DSC-W630 to hold us over until our “regular” camera ca be repaired.  This slim little point and shoot doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it  still supports 16.1 megapixels and HD video.  The camera is small enough to fit into a jeans pocket, and the auto focus looks like it will do a pretty good job. I will have to buy a travel adapter for the European plugs. I will report back a little later to let you know how it is holding up.
Now back to exploring!


May 2013 Update:

Back home, Best Buy was able to help us with our Sony warranty.  Our Sony DSC-HX20V camera was fully repaired and returned to us and we are happy to have it back.

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