Ultimate Packing List for a Trip to Europe with Baby

Note 1: Before reading this, we recommend reading our post “How to Pack for a Month Overseas with a Baby

 Note 2: This list works whether you are traveling for a week or a month or longer – the only thing that changes is how often you do laundry


Mom & Dad’s Packing Cubes:

  • 6 shirts (long or short sleeve or mix, depending on weather/season) – neutral color (black, charcoal/gray, dark or true blue, brown, mauve, cream/white) so you can mix/match with everything you bring (you will always be wearing one, so only need to pack 5)
  • 2-3 lightweight layering sweaters (pull over and/or cardigan – same colors mentioned above) plus long underwear depending on season
  • 3-4 scarves (light or heavy depending on season – this is a great way to change the look of a shirt and add a basic warmer layer), light waterproof jacket to double as raincoat, hat/gloves (if needed)
  • 6 pairs socks (beige or tan color, not white) and underwear (you will always be wearing one pair of each, so only need to pack 5), plus an extra bra for mom
  • 2 pairs of pants (you will always be wearing one, so only need to pack one)
  • 1 pair of sweatpants/yoga pants plus 1 shirt, for sleeping and hanging out in the hotel/apartment (also great to wear for the overnight flight portion of the trip)

Our convertible backpacks and travel cubes


Other Stuff for Mom & Dad (not in packing cubes):

  • Shoes (to wear not to pack – we are proponents of bringing one pair of shoes that are suede and therefore work with everything casual), if needed depending on season, bring a pair of sandals
  • Toiletry bag (only necessities and in small quantities – you can buy other stuff there as needed)


Baby’s Packing Cubes:

  • 5-7 shirts/onesies (long or short sleeves depending on season)
  • 3 pants
  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 3 footed pajamas (wear one on the plane and have another one easily accessible for any on-plane accidents, so only pack 1)
  • 2 sleep sacks (take one on the plane so only pack 1)
  • 2 sweaters/jackets
  • Hat and gloves if traveling in colder months


Baby Supplies Not in Packing Cubes (mostly in Diaper Bag or stuffed in luggage):

  • Toiletries kit (baby acetaminophen with syringe, baby shampoo, baby sunscreen, baby thermometer, stain stick, baby lotion, rash cream, gas drops, saline drops, any prescriptions or other necessary meds)
  • 2-3 bath toys (great on the plane because they don’t make noise, then they double as bath toys), plus 2-3 “other” toys and a pacifier tether that you can tether the toys with
  • 2-3 board books (babies don’t mind the same ones being read every night!)
  • 2-3 days supply of diapers (buy more once you get there) – packed into a diaper pouch inside of the diaper bag along with travel size wipes and a disposable change pad
  • Small pack of wipes (buy more once you get there)
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Disposable changing pads – as many as you can fit in the bag
  • 4-5 baby washcloths to use as burp/dribble cloths – they are smaller and can be easily cleaned in a sink and then they dry really fast
  • Enough formula for 2-3 days (buy more once you get there), spooned out into pre-measured baggies so you don’t have a bulky container
  • 2 bottles (I took only 2 Playtex bottles with me and then I purchased a big roll of disposable bottle liners, which made life way easy in terms of washing, etc.), plus 4 nipples
  • Something to warm a bottle in (we took a collapsible backpacker’s mug and handed it to baristas across 6 countries for “eau chaud” – hot water; we have also read that hand warmers work well although we didn’t end up going that route, or also that there are travel bottle warmers that don’t use plugs – something to look for online, I suppose)
  • Enough baby food for 2-3 days (buy more once you get there), plus spoons – squeeze tube style is the easiest while traveling but this was difficult to find once we were out of the UK

The stroller all folded up, diaper bag, travel high chair, travel cot in its carrier, Boba, and all the stuff that was in the diaper bag


Baby Gear:

  • Small travel cot (not a big pack and play – we are talking a small and lightweight cot that rolls into the size of a sleeping bag; the one we purchased is “Little Life” brand – these can be hard to find in the US but check eBay, Amazon, or Craig’s List – we got ours from Craig’s List)
  • Travel high chair (packable into a small carrier and stuffed into diaper bag – we bought the Tot Seat)
  • Lightweight urban style stroller that you can lift and carry easily but that can also withstand cobblestones
  • Lock for your stroller so you can leave it places and have peace of mind
  • Muff for your stroller if traveling in colder months; an extra blanket for more bundling and also to double as a picnic blanket in the park or tummy time padding is nice too
  • Front soft carrier – great for airplanes and any place strollers are either inconvenient or not allowed, such as when we visited the Anne Frank House or the Luxembourg Casemates


Travel Documents:

  • passports (yes, Baby needs one, too)
  • color copies of passports, kept separate from passports – keep copies on you at all times
  • maps, guidebooks
  • train tickets
  • paper with all confirmation numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.


Technical Gear and Electronics:

  • see other post for all the details
  • Camera with extra memory card and battery, plus charger
  • Plug adapter (North America to UK and/or North America to Europe)
  • Cell phone with international SIM card (see detailed post)
  • Etc.

Electronics kit, travel docs, shoes, and the Provencal fabrics and other souvenirs we brought back home



You have seen the individual sections, now is all the stuff laid out in one photo:


Clockwise from top left corner: Folded up stroller, diaper bag and the stuff that was inside of it, convertible backpacks, packing cubs, toiletries kit, souvenirs, electronics kit, shoes,guidebooks and maps, jackets and scarves and hats and gloves, travel cot and Boba

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