Transitioning Zachary to Table Foods (Part One, The Plan)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Zachary’s new 9 month old schedule, where he was embracing spooned food so well we were dropping his overall bottle count.  Well, he is now almost 11 months and has decided to throw a new curve ball – “don’t use that spoon anymore with me, I am now a big boy and can eat all on my own!”  

It started simply, offering him “puffs” and other snacky finger foods while spooning him food to give him a textural experience and help him understand self-feeding.  Then, it became a game of grabbing the spoon and helping to guide it into his own mouth.  Now, over the past week or so, it has become about entirely rejecting the spoon and only wanting to self-feed.  So, my response as a mom is to figure out what to offer him to help make up for the protein and calories of his spooned food.  Puffs , graham crackers, bread, peas, and other snacky foods won’t really do that trick (at least not alone)!

Here is my plan …. I will post an update as I figure out more…. (Update: click here for part 2)

First and foremost, I gave the go-ahead to Zachary’s school to start feeding full meals of finger foods and he has done well eating meals of pasta, veggies, fruits, small meat crumbles, etc.

Next, I had to figure out what to do at home.  On my most recent shopping excursion, I purchased the following:

  • Frozen meatballs (I figure I can heat these up the microwave and cut them into small pieces)
  • Frozen meatless burger patties (same as the above in terms of what I will do with them but wanted some alternative too)
  • Can of black beans (drained and cut in half this will make a good protein)
  • Can of no-salt-added chicken noodle soup (with cooked noodles, veggies, and chicken, already cut up small, I figure I can drain out the broth and have a ready made meal)
  • Whole wheat pasta and tortilla for carbs and grains (I might spread hummus or cream cheese on the tortillas too, we will see)
  • Can of mixed veggies and can of fruit without syrup (to balance out the meat and carbs, of course)

In addition to this stuff, we will continue feeding Zachary from our plates, but in more quantities and more substantial stuff.  This includes eggs, fresh fruit, veggies, small pieces of well-cooked meat, beans, rice, pasta, inside of potatoes, etc.

As mentioned above, I will post an update (“Part 2“) once I have one to share about how this plan is working and any lessons learned, etc.

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