Diaper Bag Review: Skip Hop Duo and Skip Hop Dash

I love my Skip Hop diaper bag so much I bought a second one.  Yup, I have two Skip Hop diaper bags – a Duo and a Dash.

My main bag is the Skip Hop Dash, which is a messenger style bag with a flap. This is the bag I use most frequently.  I also bought a Skip Hop Duo because I wanted to have a tote style option as well.

Right off the bat, I will discuss how pretty the patterns are.  I knew I needed to carry a diaper bag but didn’t want to have cartoon characters or something on it.  There are so many patterns and styles available depending on what you like.  My two are Cherry Bloom (Dash) and Soleil by Pottery Barn Kids (Duo):


My Skip Hop Dash bag in “Cherry Bloom”


My Skip Hop Duo in “Soleil by Pottery Barn Kids”


The main selling feature about Skip Hop bags is the game changing “shuttle clips” which allow the bag to be clipped to your stroller, a grocery cart, etc.  You may be thinking that there is a certain other brand that has these too and you would be wrong.  Sort of.  The difference is that with Skip Hop, the clips are integrated into the shoulder straps and so they are sewn into the bag and are not a separate piece to loose.


The shuttle clips are integrated into the carrying strap


Every Skip Hop bag has integrated shuttle clips


They are strong and work wonders.  I picked Skip Hop because of this feature but never dreamed how often I would use it – and I use the shuttle clips every single day.

Another great feature is all the magnet closures.  There is no velcro on either the Dash or the Duo.  The magnets are super strong and super silent.  I love them.


This photo is of one of the front pockets on my Dash, showing both the nice integrated pen holders as well as the super strong magnet closures

Next, the insulated pockets work very well.  On the Dash, the side pockets are both insulated and perfectly sized for a bottle.  I have put a cold bottle in there thinking that by the time I needed it a few hours later it would be room temp – wrong!  Still cold!  That tells you how well they work.  On the Duo, it is the front pockets that are insulated which I don’t like as well because they are not only on the front but they are really large, so I prefer using them for toys and such.

The insulated pockets on the side of the Dash are large enough for a bottle or cup but not so big that those items get "lost"

The insulated pockets on the side of the Dash are large enough for a bottle or cup but not so big that those items get “lost”

The next great feature is the “mommy pocket” on both bags.  I use the top zippered section for all my stuff like lip gloss, eye drops, gum, etc.


The zippered “Mommy pocket” holds all my basics – gum, etc.

One complaint I often read about, and a question I sometimes get is, “isn’t the bag a little small?” My answer is a resounding NO!  Both styles that I have are roomier than they look. My husband calls it my “magic Mary Poppins bag” because so much more fits it in than you think.  There are lots of pockets and the construction is of a soft (and cleanable) material instead of a more structured style, so you can squish a lot in. This is actually the reason that the Dash is my main bag – because I do squish a lot in and the flap on the Dash holds it all in there. Considering that I took the Duo with me on our month trip in Europe, and that it held everything Zachary needed and we needed for a full day every single day (diapers and wipes, two bottles, extra formula, a bib, three washcloths, change of clothes, toys, umbrella, tour book, camera, and lots, lots more) – I think you can make it work for the vast majority of day to day needs.  If not, maybe you have too much stuff! :)


Both bag styles are roomy. The Duo is taller/deeper but the Dash is wider.


Here is my Dash all packed up – it holds so much! At the top left, inside one of the internal pockets, I keep all of Zachary’s eating stuff (wipable bib, spoons, snacks, disposable placemats, etc.). The pocket next to that holds all of his bottle stuff – a collapsible cup I fill with hot water to warm bottles, a container with measured formula, and a burp cloth. The large opening in the middle has my Ahh Goo Baby diaper pouch (with diapers, wipes, and change pad), a rolled up receiving blanket, and usually (but not in this photo) a change of clothes. The big front internal pocket holds miscellaneous stuff, including a pouch with nail clippers, sample size baby lotion and cream, etc. The external pockets then hold bottles, toys, etc.


The inside of the Duo is very deep – you can see that my arm goes all the way to my elbow when I put it inside

You can find both styles, and other types of Skip Hop bags, at several stores.

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