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Happy Mother’s Day


A day devoted to the amazing woman that makes every day special.   I gave you my heart and God gave us a son.  I have been inspired watching your strength and selflessness through-out pregnancy and delivery.  Now, as you have become a Mom my love for you has grown, just as Zachary has grown. [...]

Old Town Nice


For our 5 days in the French Riviera, we stayed right in the heart of Old Town Nice, near quaint Mediterranean buildings and corridors, between dozens of gelato stands ( darn, had to get one every night!), and right over a chocolate shop.  Our apartment was the most luxurious of those we have stayed in [...]

Birthplace of Denim


For our last day in Provence, we took the train from Avignon to Nimes.  Nimes is the small French town you’ve never heard of, but now have…  In Roman times, Nimes was the premier retirement community (a modern day Boca Raton?) for Roman officers who successfully conquered Egypt (the city symbol of a crocodile chained [...]

Paris By Night


  In addition to a full day, we had two nights in Paris.  That basically meant two more days, as the City of Lights thrives at night, making for a wonderful time to stroll the streets of Paris or cruise down the Seine. The first night, we checked into our Paris apartment.  Zachary was very [...]

Camera Problems


Every parent needs a really good camera to catch those once in a lifetime moments. After Zachary’s birth we found that our old camera wasn’t up for the challenge.  After owning SLRs and simple point-and-shoot pocket cameras,  we opted to buy a travel zoom camera due to the ease of use and small form factor. [...]