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Good Night Baby, Good Morning Toddler


On the eve of his first birthday, we snapped a photo as Zachary drifted to sleep, the last time as a baby: Then, we greeted him in the morning as a 1 year old, a toddler!  

Transitioning Zachary to Table Foods (Part Two, How It Worked Out)

cut up spaghetti noodles with meatballs and peas

It has now been a few weeks since I wrote about Zachary transitioning to table foods, as well as the corresponding change to his daily routine.  I said I would publish an update after a few weeks – so here is how it has gone… Zachary starts each meal with several table foods to make [...]

First Pool Swim


Since both of us love the water – pools, beaches, whatever – we wanted to be sure to introduce Zachary as soon as we could.  The opportunity came just after he turned 11 months old (we wanted to wait until the weather was hot enough); we took him to our neighborhood pool.  He took to [...]

And So Begins the Baby Proofing!


Now that Zachary is mobile, we needed to baby proof a few things.  We didn’t go crazy, but we did get a neat free-standing pen for the living room and also a gate at the top of the stairs that has a little cat door in it …!

Crawling All Over the Place!

Going after our cat

Once Zachary learned how to crawl, he went all-in, crawling after our cat, headed up the stairs, exploring our closet, etc.  He is having a blast being able to go where he wants!