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Milestones and Celebrations

Zachary’s First Birthday Thank You Card by Shutterfly

To send thank yous for all the kind gifts and well wishes from friends and family, we created and ordered a personalized card from Shutterfly:   5×7 Folded Card View the entire collection of cards.

First Birthday Pool Party and Smash Cake

This is amazing!

Zachary’s first birthday party was a casual friends-and-family pool party. We started with some swimming…   Then it was time for the big moment, the smash cake!  We did cupcakes, and we had both chocolate with white icing and yellow with chocolate icing… Then, it was time to open some presents…

One Year Old Photo Session in the Park


A compilation of photos as Zachary celebrates being 1! First set of shots included some props: Next, some shots just straight of Zachary in all his cuteness: And lastly, a couple of family shots:    

First Birthday Ice Cream


Zachary turned 1 on a Friday.  After picking him up at school (where they decorated for him),   …we spent the evening just the three of us (his party and smash cake would be the next day, Saturday).  Since we wanted to wait to do the smash cake but did want to do something fun, [...]

Good Night Baby, Good Morning Toddler


On the eve of his first birthday, we snapped a photo as Zachary drifted to sleep, the last time as a baby: Then, we greeted him in the morning as a 1 year old, a toddler!