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How to Pack for a Month Overseas with a Baby


After our very first visit to Europe almost 15 years ago, when we took way too much with us, we decided we would never do that again. Every subsequent trip abroad has involved only carry-ons – we learned to pack only what we for sure need vs what we thought we may need, to wear [...]

Reflections from a Mom – Taking an American Baby to Europe


You may also enjoy checking out my post from just a couple of days before the trip began, click here. Europeans love babies! At least, that is the impression I am walking away from after our month journey across England, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France with our 8-9 month old. He was oggled at, cooed over, [...]

Flying with Baby: Tips and Lessons


  At the time of this writing, Zachary is 9 months old and has been on a grand total of eight flights already. Along the way, we have learned some things:   Check in counter folks and gate agents will totally work with you, to the best of their ability. Ask if there is room [...]

Adjusting Baby to Time Zone Differences While Traveling


Going from our home to England was a 7 hour time jump, then to the rest of western Europe was another 1 hour jump, for a total of an 8 hour time difference. How do you adjust baby’s schedule? Here is what we (or rather, Zachary) did … We kept Zachary on his home time [...]

Flying Back Home


Our travel back home started at 4 AM European time when we woke up to get ready. We were picked up by the taxi at 5 AM and whisked to Nice’s airport where we checked in for our 7 AM flight to Zurich. Here we are at Nice Airport about to check in… Yes, that [...]