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Stroll(er)ing Across Europe – A Highlight Reel of Zachary’s First Visit to Europe


Our vacation month in Europe with our baby is now only a memory, but what great memories they are!  Here are some photo highlights …   England Arrival and in Tunbridge Wells for a wedding: London: Read and see more from our visit to England   Belgium Brussels: Brugge: Read and see more from our [...]

Les Schtroumpfs – Belgian Smurfs


We didn’t know until we were planning our visit to Belgium that the Smurfs, which both Angela and I grew up watching, were a Belgian export, except that here they are called “Les Schtroumpfs.” With a few hours left in Belgium before catching our train to Amsterdam, we decided to head to the Belgian Comic [...]

In Bruges


Bruges (French and English) or Brugge (Flemish) is about an hour from Brussels via train.  We day tripped there yesterday – Zachary got very comfy on the train…   When we arrived we were pretty impressed by what we had come to see – a perfectly preserved medieval town square complete with very tall 13th [...]

Walking Around Brussels


We arrived in Brussels via Eurostar train through the Chunnel from London late on Saturday night, and checked in to an “apartment hotel”, a basic studio with Murphy bed and kitchenette. With Zachary, we figured it would be nice to have a little more space than a more typical European hotel would provide, and the added [...]

Eating Like a Belgian


Belgian waffles, Flemish (not French) fries, chocolate pralines, mussels in Brussels, Belgian beer … We enjoyed Belgium’s food!   Belgian waffles Sold all over as a street food/snack rather than a breakfast item, they are sooo good!  They are a little different than what we label Belgian Waffles at home.  Here in Belgium, the outside [...]