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Transition from Bottles of Formula to Cups of Milk

I drafted this post back on September 5 when Zachary was 13 months old but forgot to actually publish it until now….   Of all the transitions we have been through with Zachary, I was most concerned/confused/unsure (pick one!) about the transition from bottles of formula to cups of milk.  I think that’s because this [...]

My Labor & Delivery Story


By the time I reached my third trimester, I valued reading about other women’s labor stories so that I could understand all the different things that I may or may not experience.  Realizing I would be able to do the same thing for someone else, I wrote all the details down the night we came [...]

Zachary’s First Visit to the Optometrist (InfanSEE Program)


A few weeks ago, Zachary had an eye exam. Yes, at 9 months old.  My optometrist is a volunteer for a program called “InfanSEE” , and, while I was still pregnant, had recommended we bring Zachary in for a free exam as part of the program when he was between 6 and 12 months due to my own need [...]

Why Bottles Were Best for Zachary – My Personal Breastfeeding Journey

Like many (most?) expectant moms, I was bound and determined to nurse Zachary for the first several months, hopefully through the first year.  I researched, talked to friends who breastfed successfully, bought all the right accessories (nursing attire, pump, cover-up, heat compresses, etc.).  I thought I was fully prepared. In the hospital, Zachary latched a [...]

Interviewing and Selecting Pediatricians


One of the things you get to do when you are pregnant is interview pediatricians for your unborn child.  It is a really amazing opportunity to hand-select the person that will influence so much of your child’s experiences, but it is also a little intimidating because how in the world do you choose?  Below are [...]