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Stroll(er)ing Across Europe – A Highlight Reel of Zachary’s First Visit to Europe


Our vacation month in Europe with our baby is now only a memory, but what great memories they are!  Here are some photo highlights …   England Arrival and in Tunbridge Wells for a wedding: London: Read and see more from our visit to England   Belgium Brussels: Brugge: Read and see more from our [...]

Enjoying Niçoise Style Cuisine


Mediterranean food in Nice (“Niçoise” style) is tres yummy! Gelato (Zachary even got to try a bit), gniocchi and raviloi (invented here in Nice and really good), lots of pizza, and Jody loved the seafood soup … There is also something called “socca” which is ground up chickpeas lightly fried and served in a paper [...]

A Lazy and Rainy Last Day in France


Our last day in France, and our overall last day of our journey, turned out to be a stormy one.  After spending the morning at our apartment packing, we went for a walk around Nice, figuring we could duck in and out of stores and sites to not get too wet.  We started with a [...]

Perched Above the Riviera


Besides coastal towns, the Riviera also is home to the foothills of the Alps, and there you find the picturesque Eze-Le-Village, a medieval town built onto a hilltop. Supposedly this meant better protection, but the town was attacked by the Moors and later by Louis XIV, so I am not sure their plan worked!! We [...]

A Day in Monaco


A day trip from Nice to Monaco (45 minutes away via bus) meant Zachary could add a 6th European country to his repertoire!  Here we are waiting for the bus in Nice: When you get to Monaco, you get dropped off at the base of “The Rock”, a steep cliff above Monte Carlo (the main [...]