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Zachary’s “Little Man” Photo Session


As a Mother’s Day gift, in addition to a card with Zachary’s footprints, Zachary’s teacher took the cutest set of photos.  He is such a little model!    

Zachary’s Mothers Day Art


Here is the card Zachary made for me at school for my first Mother’s Day:

Happy Mother’s Day


A day devoted to the amazing woman that makes every day special.   I gave you my heart and God gave us a son.  I have been inspired watching your strength and selflessness through-out pregnancy and delivery.  Now, as you have become a Mom my love for you has grown, just as Zachary has grown. [...]

8 Months Old


Zachary is 8 months old: Turning 8 months old, Zachary – “log rolls” spends more time awake between shorter naps talks, talks, talks (lalalalala, bababababa, mamamamama) pounds on things moved up to size 6-9 clothes diligently figuring out how things work (spin the front of the dinosaur to make the balls bounce, sweep across the [...]

Happy Easter

DSC01148 gimp

Zachary liked the flowers at church …   And thought that the Easter Bunny was very soft …   Happy Easter … he is risen!