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How to Find Vacation Rental Apartments in Europe


On our recent month in Europe, we found that arranging for apartments vs hotels made life much easier with a baby.  More on that in the post “Reflections from a Mom – Taking An American Baby to Europe.” This post is focused on the “HOW” … So, here is how to locate apartments in Europe [...]

Reflections from a Mom – Taking an American Baby to Europe


You may also enjoy checking out my post from just a couple of days before the trip began, click here. Europeans love babies! At least, that is the impression I am walking away from after our month journey across England, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France with our 8-9 month old. He was oggled at, cooed over, [...]

Old Town Nice


For our 5 days in the French Riviera, we stayed right in the heart of Old Town Nice, near quaint Mediterranean buildings and corridors, between dozens of gelato stands ( darn, had to get one every night!), and right over a chocolate shop.  Our apartment was the most luxurious of those we have stayed in [...]

Down in the South (of France, that is)


I have always wanted to visit the south of France and the French country.  I grew up with Provençal furnishings in my bedroom, love French country food, and adore Provençal fabrics and pottery.  Since Provence falls right between Paris and the Riviera, we were able to spend some time here, enjoying the laid back yet [...]

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Where is Luxembourg and what the heck is a Grand Duchy, you ask?  It’s a tiny country (smaller even than Rhode Island by almost half) nestled between Belgium, France, and Germany.  It is a Grand Duchy because it is ruled by a Grand Duke.  It has the world’s highest per capita GDP. We stopped in [...]