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Zachary’s Favorite Foods (Young Toddler)

Enjoying spaghetti bolognese

As a 15 month old toddler, Zachary has been fully transitioned to eating table foods for several months already (see the post about the transition), at first with his hands and with us using a spoon, and now using a spoon on his own (and sometimes still his hands!). Once he fully had the hang [...]

Zachary’s First Starbucks


This photo makes me laugh… My mom and I were at Starbucks with Zachary; he was enjoying his milk in his yellow sippy cup.  Then my mom gave him her empty Starbucks cup to play with and he put his sippy cup inside of the empty Starbucks cup (with no prompting by anyone, I promise) [...]

Transition from Bottles of Formula to Cups of Milk

I drafted this post back on September 5 when Zachary was 13 months old but forgot to actually publish it until now….   Of all the transitions we have been through with Zachary, I was most concerned/confused/unsure (pick one!) about the transition from bottles of formula to cups of milk.  I think that’s because this [...]