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12 Months Old


Zachary is 12 months old:   At 12 months, Zachary – talks, a lot -sometimes words we don’t quite understand (“glub?”) and some that we do (“cat”) hugs, a lot loves to swim loves to crawl is doing a little walking, while holding onto our hands or pushing a toy crawls up the stairs loves [...]

Good Night Baby, Good Morning Toddler


On the eve of his first birthday, we snapped a photo as Zachary drifted to sleep, the last time as a baby: Then, we greeted him in the morning as a 1 year old, a toddler!  

11 Months Old


Here is Zachary at 11 months old:   As an 11 month old, Zachary- Is crawling up a storm Visited the zoo for the first time Helped Daddy celebrate his first Father’s Day Celebrated his first 4th of July Transitioned to table foods Is actively dancing to every song, nuzzling and cuddling, and is so [...]

10 Months Old


Zachary is 10 months old:     At 10 months, Zachary is developing in so many amazing ways.  He: is working on getting on the move – scooting and turning and pulling, but not quite crawling … yet can stand with support says “bop” and other interesting gibberish- he definitely has a language, saying certain [...]

9 Months Old


Zachary is 9 months old He has accomplished a lot in a month – Aunt Sarah’s page boy at a British wedding Visited 7 countries - dealing gracefully with long flights, lots of trains, hours in a stroller, new foods, new sleep configurations, and many location changes Gotten his first teeth Learned to eat “table foods,” like [...]