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My Labor & Delivery Story


By the time I reached my third trimester, I valued reading about other women’s labor stories so that I could understand all the different things that I may or may not experience.  Realizing I would be able to do the same thing for someone else, I wrote all the details down the night we came [...]

Caring for Yourself After Delivery

There is a lot out there about how to take care of your baby in those precious first few weeks after birth.  But, this post is not about that.  It is about how to take care of yourself.  You have just gone through the most aerobic and crazy thing a body can possibly do, you [...]

Why Bottles Were Best for Zachary – My Personal Breastfeeding Journey

Like many (most?) expectant moms, I was bound and determined to nurse Zachary for the first several months, hopefully through the first year.  I researched, talked to friends who breastfed successfully, bought all the right accessories (nursing attire, pump, cover-up, heat compresses, etc.).  I thought I was fully prepared. In the hospital, Zachary latched a [...]

You Know You Are a Mom When…

…You use your son’s training spoon to stir your coffee …

Happy Mother’s Day


A day devoted to the amazing woman that makes every day special.   I gave you my heart and God gave us a son.  I have been inspired watching your strength and selflessness through-out pregnancy and delivery.  Now, as you have become a Mom my love for you has grown, just as Zachary has grown. [...]