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Stroll(er)ing Across Europe – A Highlight Reel of Zachary’s First Visit to Europe


Our vacation month in Europe with our baby is now only a memory, but what great memories they are!  Here are some photo highlights …   England Arrival and in Tunbridge Wells for a wedding: London: Read and see more from our visit to England   Belgium Brussels: Brugge: Read and see more from our [...]

Zachary’s First Biscuit


Zachary had his first biscuit at the Varkade factory tour.  He has eaten graham crackers and vegetable puffs, but this was his first exposure to a cookie.  Zachary eyes his prize and contemplates what to do with it. A small nibble, this seems different… Different is good, this biscuit feels great on my tooth (Zachary is [...]

Windmills and Wooden Shoes


We took the train from Amsterdam to visit Zaanse Schaans. This area is also referred to as Zaanstreek and was once considered a major industrial area by the Dutch.  At its peak there were more than 1,100 windmills operating everything from sawmills, oil and cocoa presses, paint mills, and even husking rice and barley.  Most [...]

In Search of ‘The Night Watch’


We thought that if we had time, we may go see Rembrandt’s Night Watch at the Rijkmuseum while in Amsterdam.  The Rijk has been closed for 10 years for renovations (although The Night Watch and other masterpieces were still being displayed in an annex), and it opened the week we were in Amsterdam, offering free [...]

Going Dutch – ‘Eten en Drinken’ in the Netherlands


  We discovered that food in the Netherlands is basically everyone else’s food all available in one place.  Here we have had Schwarma , Flemish fries, and even Tex Mex fajitas and have seen many pizza and burger places. Actual Dutch food includes: Verkade Biscuits Here is Zachary trying a Verkade biscuit, this one was [...]