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Ultimate Packing List for a Trip to Europe with Baby


Note 1: Before reading this, we recommend reading our post “How to Pack for a Month Overseas with a Baby”  Note 2: This list works whether you are traveling for a week or a month or longer – the only thing that changes is how often you do laundry   Mom & Dad’s Packing Cubes: [...]

How to Pack for a Month Overseas with a Baby


After our very first visit to Europe almost 15 years ago, when we took way too much with us, we decided we would never do that again. Every subsequent trip abroad has involved only carry-ons – we learned to pack only what we for sure need vs what we thought we may need, to wear [...]

Packing for the Hospital


I have been asked a few times what and how we packed for the hospital when Zachary was born. Here is a list of how we packed, what we packed, etc. [General Tips] We first packed by person. That is, I had a bag, Jody had a bag, and then we had Zachary’s diaper bag. [...]