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Maternity Clothes – Shopping Checklist

Despite what the stores seem to insinuate, you don’t need everything in your pregnancy closet to say “maternity” on it. When I was first pregnant, I received a gift from a friend of a book called Bump It Up,which taught me to have a few basics, a “uniform”, and to mix and match to get [...]

Zachary’s Nursery Part 1 – Designing and Creating the Nursery


Within a few weeks of finding out I was pregnant, we got to work transforming one of our spare bedrooms into a nursery.  We painted, ordered furniture, and did lots of DIY projects to make the space one where Zachary can learn and discover. Painting and Space Planning We started with overall paint and space [...]

Interviewing and Selecting Pediatricians


One of the things you get to do when you are pregnant is interview pediatricians for your unborn child.  It is a really amazing opportunity to hand-select the person that will influence so much of your child’s experiences, but it is also a little intimidating because how in the world do you choose?  Below are [...]

Packing for the Hospital


I have been asked a few times what and how we packed for the hospital when Zachary was born. Here is a list of how we packed, what we packed, etc. [General Tips] We first packed by person. That is, I had a bag, Jody had a bag, and then we had Zachary’s diaper bag. [...]

Labor & Delivery Nurses are my Heroes

Labor & Delivery nurses are my heroes. I am not be facetious. They are amazing. At a time in your life when you are the most emotional, the most vulnerable, and both the most scared and delighted you can imagine, they are there to expertly comfort and coach. The nurses I had during my L&D [...]