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A Day in Monaco


A day trip from Nice to Monaco (45 minutes away via bus) meant Zachary could add a 6th European country to his repertoire!  Here we are waiting for the bus in Nice: When you get to Monaco, you get dropped off at the base of “The Rock”, a steep cliff above Monte Carlo (the main [...]

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Where is Luxembourg and what the heck is a Grand Duchy, you ask?  It’s a tiny country (smaller even than Rhode Island by almost half) nestled between Belgium, France, and Germany.  It is a Grand Duchy because it is ruled by a Grand Duke.  It has the world’s highest per capita GDP. We stopped in [...]

The Hague and Delft


We ventured out of Amsterdam on Thursday to visit Den Haag, or The Hague, seat of Dutch political power – home to both the Parliament and the Monarchy. Here we are on the train:   Here is the impressive Binnenhof Parliament Complex: And then at the gatehouse to Queen Beatrix’s royal palace: And at the [...]

Walking Around Brussels


We arrived in Brussels via Eurostar train through the Chunnel from London late on Saturday night, and checked in to an “apartment hotel”, a basic studio with Murphy bed and kitchenette. With Zachary, we figured it would be nice to have a little more space than a more typical European hotel would provide, and the added [...]

A Day in London


Jody and I spent a couple of weeks in London a few years ago and fell in love with the city. For this trip with Zachary, we planned only a few hours in the city between the wedding and our train to Brussels.  Since we have already “done” London, we spent the day rediscovering some [...]