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Zachary’s “Little Man” Photo Session


As a Mother’s Day gift, in addition to a card with Zachary’s footprints, Zachary’s teacher took the cutest set of photos.  He is such a little model!    

Another Fingerpainting Masterpiece


Zachary’s latest art at school used paints and sugar, and a great balance between yellow and red! …

Zachary’s Mothers Day Art


Here is the card Zachary made for me at school for my first Mother’s Day:

Happy Valentine’s Day

DSC01063 gimp

Zachary’s first Valentine’s Day – he spent it reading his valentine’s by a cozy fire…   And also made us a Valentine:

3 Months Old

DSC00475 b

Zachary at 3 months old     As a 3 month old, Zachary: Is officially no longer a “newborn” Started preschool when mom went back to work Holds up his head pretty well Celebrated his first Halloween Took his very first airplane ride to visit grandparents in Texas Started sleeping in his own room Prior [...]