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Maternity Clothes – Shopping Checklist

Despite what the stores seem to insinuate, you don’t need everything in your pregnancy closet to say “maternity” on it. When I was first pregnant, I received a gift from a friend of a book called Bump It Up,which taught me to have a few basics, a “uniform”, and to mix and match to get [...]

Purchasing Baby Supplies While Traveling Across Europe


We traveled through England, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France over a month long period with an 8-9 month old and figured out how, where, and what to buy his supplies while traveling instead of taking all this with us. I found little information on this before we left, so I am hoping this helps someone [...]

Registering for Your Baby Shower

I found registering for my shower to be a bit stressful.  After all, I had little idea of what I needed, became overwhelmed in the baby stores and baby aisles, and all I could think was that I had to get it “right”  - that Zachary’s very life depended on me picking the exact perfect [...]