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One Year Old Photo Session in the Park


A compilation of photos as Zachary celebrates being 1! First set of shots included some props: Next, some shots just straight of Zachary in all his cuteness: And lastly, a couple of family shots:    

12 Months Old


Zachary is 12 months old:   At 12 months, Zachary – talks, a lot -sometimes words we don’t quite understand (“glub?”) and some that we do (“cat”) hugs, a lot loves to swim loves to crawl is doing a little walking, while holding onto our hands or pushing a toy crawls up the stairs loves [...]

10 Months Old


Zachary is 10 months old:     At 10 months, Zachary is developing in so many amazing ways.  He: is working on getting on the move – scooting and turning and pulling, but not quite crawling … yet can stand with support says “bop” and other interesting gibberish- he definitely has a language, saying certain [...]

Mac and Cheese = Yum!


A cute series of photos as Zachary enjoys his first bites of “Mac and Cheese with Vegetables Dinner.”  I put in quotes because it looked and tasted more like really cheesy vegetables (yes, I always taste the food – just curious, I suppose!)…

Zachary’s “Little Man” Photo Session


As a Mother’s Day gift, in addition to a card with Zachary’s footprints, Zachary’s teacher took the cutest set of photos.  He is such a little model!