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Transition from Bottles of Formula to Cups of Milk

I drafted this post back on September 5 when Zachary was 13 months old but forgot to actually publish it until now….   Of all the transitions we have been through with Zachary, I was most concerned/confused/unsure (pick one!) about the transition from bottles of formula to cups of milk.  I think that’s because this [...]

Transitioning Zachary to Table Foods (Part Two, How It Worked Out)

cut up spaghetti noodles with meatballs and peas

It has now been a few weeks since I wrote about Zachary transitioning to table foods, as well as the corresponding change to his daily routine.  I said I would publish an update after a few weeks – so here is how it has gone… Zachary starts each meal with several table foods to make [...]

Transitioning Zachary to Table Foods (Part One, The Plan)

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Zachary’s new 9 month old schedule, where he was embracing spooned food so well we were dropping his overall bottle count.  Well, he is now almost 11 months and has decided to throw a new curve ball – “don’t use that spoon anymore with me, I am now [...]

Adjusting Baby to Time Zone Differences While Traveling


Going from our home to England was a 7 hour time jump, then to the rest of western Europe was another 1 hour jump, for a total of an 8 hour time difference. How do you adjust baby’s schedule? Here is what we (or rather, Zachary) did … We kept Zachary on his home time [...]

Zachary Tries Solid Food


Starting in January, at 6 months old, Zachary began trying his first bites of solid food, with runny oatmeal first (at the advice of our pediatrician, we skipped over rice cereral)… Then moved on to mushed peas… And then some mushed bananas…